6 Reasons Why Home Insurance Fails When It Comes To Jewellery

You might think your diamond jewellery is covered in your standard Home and Contents Insurance. But take a closer look here.

  1. Home insurance puts your jewellery and your fridge in the same bucket.
  2. Majority of home insurance claims departments have one goal: to settle at the lowest amount.  
  3. Home insurance companies stay away from explaining your entitlements until you have a claim.
  4. Home insurance companies say it’s your responsibility to keep your jewellery values up to date.
  5. Most home insurance companies would never question whether or not an item of jewellery is being over insured… it just means more premium.
  6. Majority of home insurers try to force claimants to go to the insurer’s preferred suppliers when there is a claim.

With Certified Diamond Insurance, you can trust you’ll be covered the moment you walk out of your Jeweller. You’re free to have your piece repaired or replaced at your chosen Jeweller – and we guarantee your replacement will be the same if not better than the original piece. No excess is payable on claims, and you’re covered worldwide whenever you travel.

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